Saturday, May 1, 2010


TITAN AUTOMATIC brings the power to call an engineering feat to your hand. It uses the finest steel, gear and crystal. It shows you each and every living detail. It makes the wrist and the individual unique. Each Titan Automatic or mechanical watches brings this uniquness. The intricate watch mechanism recognizes even your slightest turn of wrist to power its own precision movements. It empowers Mechanised craftsmanship and completes the circle with a range of functions to make sure time is always by your side. Titan Automatic brings world-class timekeeping to your fingertip. A luxury titan classic in short.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Timex Racer Chrono Review - The Fastest Timex Watch

Timex Racer Chrono

Following the of fast cars , Timex has come up with its own line of fast watches.
The Timex Racer Chrono is a watch of the roads with a classic look which was inspired from the grand pix cars of the mid 1950 's. This watch will set the hearts of any Formula 1 fan into motion with its unique looks and capabilities.

The Timex Racer Chrono or Racing Chronograph is an iconic watch which comes in all the classic car colors like red, black and many more. It is the latest from Timex factory which will surely make the heart of any F1 fan pound in anticipation. It will be loved by the new generation as well as the old. The watch pays its tribute to the old times as well as the new times set to come in the racing world. A collectors item watch without doubt. It has a unique dial design as well as beautiful straps in a wide range of colors. Be sure to check the Timex stores next to your house for this classic watch, Timex Racer.

The watch of the racer.


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